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The Who's Who of Business Central

Today we are going to discuss the terminology used to describe the different people that work with NAV/BC and their roles in the business. This break down will help you understand which role you might be interested in. NAV/BC I use NAV/BC to describe anything relating to Dynamics NAV or Dynamics 365 Business Central. We are all one people, regardless of the age of the product. We are a relatively small community and most of us know each other or know of one another.  End-Users, Partners, and ISV's End-user  is a term used to describe a company and their employees that use NAV/BC ERP for their day-to-day operations. Microsoft requires installation, implementation, and maintenance of the software to be done by a Microsoft Partner , known as a Value Added Reseller (VAR). They are also known as the "Partner on Record". This means this is the Microsoft Partner that you pay your yearly licensing fees to and will provide support for your software. Only a VAR can reach out to Mic

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