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In The Beginning, There was NAV

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central used to be called a lot of things. "Old heads" know it simply as "NAV". I think that it is important to know how it all started to understand where we are now and how we can move forward.  The Ancestors Once upon a time (1983 to be exact), a Danish software company called PC&C A/S  (later called Navision Software A/S) built the first user-friendly accounting program that would track warehouse and finance activities all in one place. Over the next 2 decades, they started adding more and more business functionality. In 2002/2003 Microsoft acquired Navision and began shaping the software into what we now know as an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. The heart of the system is a robust and powerful accounting software able to track business operations from just about every department a business could have in real time.  Why is this important? Businesses used to (many still do) operate in departmental silos. Sales, Mark

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