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Limiting Sales Quantity at POS

With all the hysteria surrounding the coronavirus, there has been a run on supplies purported to reduce the risk and spread of contamination. In an effort to manage stock, many retailers have begun limiting the quantity of an item allowed to be sold in one transaction. We will explore how you can set up Sales Qty Limitation for your retail business using LS NAV. Setting up Sales Qty Limitations This feature is not limited to managing your inventory during a pandemic. It is u seful when there is any sort of restriction involved.  In a Duty-Free environment, for example, where there is usually a limit on how much alcohol or tobacco an individual can bring along to a destination country.  It is also possible to use infocodes in this context. For example, when selling a packet of tobacco, you can use an infocode to prompt the cashier to ask for age or ID if it is not allowed to sell such items to persons under a particular age limit. Let's learn how to set up your quantity limi

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